Deep Space Auditorium



Acoustic Dimensions
JP Cullen & Sons
The Morse Group
Cuningham Group Architects
Clair Brothers, Lab.gruppen, DiGiCo, Dante, MADI, BSS

Client's Goals

Since the auditorium would be used primarily for company meetings which may employ product demonstrations skits mixed with video elements and high sound pressure audio effects to support a show's theme, the auditorium needed a sound system capable of providing clear, direct sound to all seats.

Project Details

Clair Solutions was able to provide audio systems engineering, BIM coordination, 3D rendering, fabrication, and integration services in order to bring this project to life.

In order to support the typical Q&A sessions held at such meetings, a substantial number of microphones, a well-designed acoustic space, and a system capable of providing direct sound to minimize reflections which may distract the participants were critical. The overall system design took into account a large number of stage inputs and Q&A mics for both the main house system and a robust recording system implemented to capture all of the participants' questions for distribution and archiving.

Overall, the audio system included a total of 288 Clair Brothers loudspeakers and 145 LabGruppen PLM10000Q amplifiers. Paired with a custom DiGiCo modification offering dual optical loops and waves support, which allowed the use of 896 channels of audio, the newly installed system was fully capable of covering the large space. All audio was transported via a Dante, MADI, and BSS BLU-Link networking, providing a 100% digital audio path throughout the entire system.

The Clair Solutions Difference

Working completely underground presented a unique set of challenges for all parties involved which resulted in an overall compressed project timeline. What would have typically been a six month audio installation project was completed in only three months of field labor. Nevertheless, the project was completed in time for the company's annual users' group meeting where it was met with positive feedback.