BC Place


BC Place - Vancouver, BC


Chris Beaton, PAVCO (BC Place management)
Ian Wolfe, Consultant, Acoustic Design Group
Ray Eldridge & Lloyd Newton at PCL Contractors West Coast
Gerry Harrison at Western Pacific Electrical Contractors
Primary vendors: JBL, LabGruppen and Peavey

Client's Goals

Part of the extensive renovation of BC Place stadium included the goal of upgrading the venue to a powerful sound system with the best quality of voice and music reproduction with complete stadium coverage possible.

Project Details

A new, cable-supported retractable roof was installed at BC Place, replacing the previous inflatable dome room. The retractable roof was designed with open space in the middle for the upgraded audio system to hang from winches. Clair Solutions designed the system based on the client’s specific requirements, choosing JBL Professional VLA line arrays for its defined coverage, and installed clusters in an oval for optimum coverage of the stadium seats, placed several under the scoreboard for coverage of the field and added two JBL PD Series loudspeakers to fill the area directly under the scoreboard. Ultimately, Clair Solutions provided design, installation, and project management services.

The Clair Solutions Difference

The fast pace of the project presented several challenges including gaining access to the field of play to install the speaker arrays. We designed and built a special transport trailer so we could build the speaker clusters outside of the facility and move into place and rig in a short period of time.

We also integrated systems and software that had never been integrated before—for example, controlling Lake and Peavey Nion software as well as distribution audio via a very and multiple redundant Dante network.