Living Word Community Church - Video Café

  • Curtain track deployed to hide vertical TVs
  • Main and side projections
  • Acoustical treatments
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Living Word Community Church


Clark Mechanical - Electrical Contractor

Client's Goals

Living Word was in need of a secondary worship space within their facility in order to accommodate their growing congregation during Sunday services. This new "video café" needed to be capable of screening a real-time broadcast of the message from the main sanctuary and also hosting a live band. It was important for the space to be every bit as welcoming to churchgoers as the main space.

Project Details

In order to accomplish the client's goals, Clair Solutions was brought on to design and integrate a comprehensive audio, video and lighting solution, including acoustical consultation. This required a complete transformation of a space that we had previously outfitted four years prior, almost entirely through AVL improvements alone.

The design includes a Barco RLM W12 Projector for main projection and two Sony VPL-FHZ55 for side projection all managed by a Ross C1-A Video Switcher. On stage, 6x 70-inch Sharp LC-70LE650U TV screens were mounted 18 inches apart in portrait orientation for scenic design as well as digital signage.

16x Elation eParQA we used to splash color onto the stage/performance area while 12x 10" Altman Scoops were used to fill in shadow areas created in the room by the down lights over the congregational area.

Since the JBL audio system from the previous installation was still in good condition, we chose to repurpose the speakers by removing and re-aiming them in order to accommodate the new room design. We also added to and enhanced their existing Aviom in-ear monitoring system including new Sennheiser EW300 series wireless belt packs.

Finally, a Gerriets motorized curtain track was installed in order to cover the vertical TVs during a service if necessary.

The Clair Solutions Difference

Operating as a team, our audio, video and lighting designers were able to integrate a true experience for the customer, each discipline coordinating with and enhancing the other. The team worked with the customer to develop stage placement concepts that would maximize viewing angles while decreasing acoustical reflection behind the stage. The project was specifically designed step by step - first video, then audio, then lighting - in order to maintain projector sightlines and keep house and stage lighting out of the way. The venue's relatively low ceilings required installers to hang equipment from the upper decking of the roof truss rather than below so no sightlines would be blocked. Finally, acoustical treatments and new house lighting worked together to create a new ambience that the room previously lacked, creating a truly immersive experience for churchgoers.