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Watermark Community Church - Dallas, TX


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Client's Goals

Watermark Community Church is a non-denominational ministry that recently relocated to a new, larger facility. In their new church, they wanted the ability to increase the audio and visual impact of their presentations using a more robust, flexible system that offered the latest advancements in audio, video and lighting technologies.

Project Details

Watermark’s principle Audio, Video and Lighting equipment had been purchased with the original Clair Solutions installation in 2007, so the move to a new facility in 2011 created the opportunity to upgrade and expand these systems.

An extensive presentation video upgrade revolving around a Barco FSN switcher was a key element in the improvement of the church’s video operations. The existing Miranda multi-viewer was aging, so instead of expanding it, we made it a redundant system, with its outputs augmenting a much larger system.

The lighting system was expanded to include more theatrical dimming, incandescent fixtures, and a new track system and soft goods adds dimension and depth to the stage environment. The new arrangement allows the church to easily change the configuration and create radically different looks very quickly with few technicians.

The existing audio system was upgraded using a host of Clair Brothers audio products for better coverage in the much-larger seating area and for improved low-end performance.

The Clair Solutions Difference

Clair Solutions’ understanding of modern technical worship environments was important in meeting the client’s needs of creating more robust and flexible systems and updating them with current advances in technology.

Planning for the new facility began in 2008, with the unexpected hurdle of a site shutdown for more than a year to adjust for economic fluctuations after construction was under way. Clair Solutions worked diligently to meet Watermark’s revised budget and work within the reduced timeframe created by the shutdown void.