Hershey Free Church


General Contractor/Stage Reconstruction: Hershey Free/Bottom Line Construction
Electrical Contractor: Clark Mechanical
Architect: Mann-Hughes

Client's Goals

Hershey Free Church was looking to do it right: carry out a complete audio, video and lighting overhaul to the main sanctuary including new construction, acoustic modifications, architectural and house lighting upgrades, video accents, and a brand new audio system. Overall, they wanted to create a more immersive and inviting atmosphere within their main worship space while keeping the congregation comfortable with the changes. This included designing and building a new, contemporary stage layout, installing a more intelligible sound system, and improving congregational sight lines with updated video accents.

Project Details

Clair Solutions came in to design and integrate audio, video, lighting, and acoustics for Hershey Free's main sanctuary. The audio upgrade consisted of a full range JBL system powered by Lab.gruppen amplifiers and controlled with Symetrix processing. In addition to the Main PA renovation, we provided a brand new Aviom personal monitoring system as well as upgrades to their wireless microphones.

Acoustically, architectural fins were created out of drywall and angled on the sidewalls in order to prevent the flutter and slap back echoes that were present in the space without reducing the overall ambience of the room.

For lighting, we replaced all house lighting with highly customizable Inspire LED fixtures from AC Lighting. These LEDs can create a welcoming atmosphere using a warm wash to cover the congregation as well as offer the flexibility to produce an infinite number of color options for most any desired ambiance. Additionally, we lit the Cupola with stunning Elation Sixpar 200's and hung a black truss "+" beneath it to create an elegant contrast as well as provide a medium for the stage pars to be hung from. Stage lighting included a combination of ETC conventional and LED fixtures along with additional Inspire and Elation fixtures and features ETC dimming together with an ETC console for control.

The Clair Solutions Difference

Learning and understanding how a church's budgetary requirements will coordinate with its overall project goals is quite important to us. Hershey Free recognized that this would be a multi-phase project, so we needed to make sure to provide enough structural and electrical infrastructure for future AVL additions while being sensitive to their financial boundaries. In addition, we were working within the confines of a short construction timeline, but in the end, Hershey Free was extremely pleased with the outcome of this project and looks forward to the next phase.