Lives Changed By Christ

Client's Goals

Clair Solutions installed LCBC's original audio, video, lighting and rigging system in 2003 and while the audio and lighting systems have received systematic improvements through the years, the video system was in need of an upgrade. Although predominately SDI based, the video ecosystem remained standard definition.  Key directives for this upgrade included promoting a stable environment for 3G/1080p throughout the facility, enabling future expansion, and meeting a demanding performance metric of the highest quality with inherent redundancy. These video signals also needed to incorporate embedded audio and ancillary data to be distributed to the satellite campuses.

Project Details

The first key system element addressed was the switching environment. As long term users of the Ross Video Synergy switcher, the Acuity platform was a natural choice for LCBC as it meets very specific criteria for their switching needs. As an early adopter of the Acuity platform, LCBC is well-versed not solely in what their Acuity can do for them now, but also how it will be able to enhance their productions as new features are released.

In order to maximize future expandability and space, high density hardware for patching and conversion more often found in mobile use was specified. The Bittree MV Series was a natural fit for this application. Between the patchbays and processing cards, the connector type reflects this natural fit since only half of the cabling in engineering is terminated as BNC.

Replacing existing infrastructure to be more future-friendly was a priority. LCBC also wanted to migrate from co-axial cable to fiber optic for critical feeds both into and out of the switching system. Additionally, it was important to refresh existing cabling. Utilizing the Dashboard software interface gives them direct connectivity to their system through one software application. A single running instance of Dashboard gives them direct access to their video server, routing, reference generator and processing cards, no matter what operating system is being employed.

The final elements installed were three Ikegami cameras. Positioned mid-house, these superior quality cameras capture the moment in vivid high definition so that all members of the audience can enjoy the full experience of each service.

The Clair Solutions Difference

Supplying new equipment is only a small part of what Clair Solutions does. Imparting knowledge and guiding clients through upgrades to balance their needs and desires and support their goals well into the future provides them with an invaluable return on investment. Clair Solutions expanded LCBC's previously installed system to support their multi-site needs.

Clair Solutions also excels at delivering upgrades in condensed timeframes. To that end, the full system installation was staggered to minimize downtime and meet scheduling and budgetary obligations. After prefabrication and configuration at Clair Solutions' headquarters, the complete switching system upgrade along with provisions for the new camera system was delivered, installed and finalized in only four days. A few weeks later HD cameras were transitioned in and fully functional in only two days. This allowed substantial time for training and a relaxed atmosphere using the new equipment for uninterrupted services only six days after the original equipment was removed.

Moreover, Clair Solutions utilized our effective working relationships with vendors to keep them apprised of the schedule at all times to ensure quick delivery of items shortly after we were given a green light. We were also able to leverage our position as a premiere integrator specifying equipment to obtain everything LCBC needed at a compelling price point far below what would be possible in a traditional bid process.