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Cumulus Nashville Studios - Nash Icon Studio


Katie Stix - Interior Designer, Anderson Design Studios

Client's Goals

Cumulus, the nation's second largest radio broadcaster, has been adding to and developing its NASH Campus in Nashville, TN. The campus is devoted solely to producing and distributing content based on the country music lifestyle, including radio programming, TV/videos, magazines and events. The firm sought to design and build a unique-looking new studio on the campus for its NASH Icon show which features iconic Nashville country artists. The show was to be captured in HD video for later distribution.

Project Details

Clair Solutions provided design/build services for video and lighting - creating a distinctive ambience by incorporating a series of light boxes that feature a 3M dichroic film along with a total of 27 LED lighting fixtures made by both ETC and Boca Flasher. In addition to this, we provided five Sony BRC900 HD Cameras for video capture as well as several Samsung and LG LED video displays to exhibit a variety of content throughout the show.

The Clair Solutions Difference

Cumulus wanted to create two separate looks - a formal interview desk shot and an informal couch scene. Working with a limited amount of space, we made it so the lighting could be operated and transformed with little effort via wall panel presets or an iPad to create more customized looks.

An integral part of the studio's overall aesthetic was the unique 3M dichroic film boxes, an idea that was born from Clair Solutions' collaboration with Anderson Design Studios. They were designed to create a look that could function as both classic and modern. These custom light boxes were first rendered for concept in Photoshop, then engineered and mocked up for the client's approval at Clair's corporate headquarters, and then finally manufactured right in the Clair facility.

With only a 6 month concept to completion timeline, Clair Solutions was able to create an exceptional audio video solution that not only met the client's needs, but also exceeded their expectations.